Monday, October 13, 2008

internet killed the video star.

I don't watch tv anymore.

Okay, well, I do, but I don't really. I only ever watch when one of "my shows" are on - you know, the ones where you make sure everyone else in the room only talks during commercial breaks? Oh, wait, is that just me? Well, anyway...

Recently, I was flipping through channels and happened upon MuchMusic whilst they were airing a program that featured the latest music videos. And, let me tell you, I was blown away. Mind you, I haven't really paid attention to music videos since Avril Lavigne was in the limelight. (And yes, blaring Avril is still a guilty pleasure, I do admit to it.)

So yes, many of the music videos I saw that day flipping channels definitely sucked. But there was a clear diamond in the rough.

Gnarls Barkley's "Who's Gonna Save My Soul".

I've never been a Gnarls Barkley fan in my life. Truth be told, after watching the video, I didn't even remember who had sang the song - I was convinced it had been K-Os (whom I don't mind, solely for his collaboration on "Mushaboom" with Feist). Okay, so it doesn't really make sense to make a music video to your single where the song serves as background music to a would-be movie. But, the video's just so smart. And true. I just wish the movie was real. After the music video finished, I was sitting there, waiting for the rest of the story.

Although the dancing heart wasn't the best of the video, just the conversation..."Well, maybe I can just keep it for a little while, use it for small things", "for a lack of a better term, heartless" etc. makes it worthwhile.

- - -

And secondly, another video I stumbled upon recently.

I've loved Kate Nash for awhile now, but I just saw her video for "Foundations" recently. And well, it's just so fun! No big explanation for this one, you just have to love Kate! Oh, and plus the lyrics are actually pretty smart.

Kate Nash's "Foundations"

Why not throw in some more Kate Nash love, just for kicks?
Kate Nash - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You
This one's sorta hit-or-miss in a love it or you hate it sorta way, but I think it's great :)

- - -

Lastly, gotta love Feist! I don't care is she's presumably sold-out or whatever by agreeing to be part of a national ad campaign - it was for Apple, and Apple is awesome and my Macbook is my baby.

She's still awesome in my books. And I completely regret the fact that I didn't get tickets to either of her Toronto tour dates! I just love how quirky she is, which is definitely apparent in this video.

Feist's "One Evening"

So, moral of the story...err, post: don't dismiss music videos! What are your favourite music videos?

♥ Megs

P.S. Television-related sidenote: I watched So You Think You Can Dance Canada at my Thanksgiving celebration, since there was nothing else to do...did anyone else notice the obvious American Apparel product placement? I swear everyone was wearing the v-neck/deep v/acid wash/knee socks!


Elisabeth said...

I love all those music videos! Rhianna's Umberella video had me lusting after he figure, but apart from that I can't think of any particular faves!

The Illest Demented Handstyle said...

Holy shit...I didn't know Kate Nash covered Black Kids...or did Black Kids cover Kate Nash, I'm feeling very insecure right now. Either way you should check out the Black Kids - I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you, same song just not acoustic.

Juliet said...

Nive, nice, nice!

juliet xxx

myriam said...

Love the gnarls barkley video! So true so true.

gliffyfille said...

saw her at the greek theater in berkeley! she's amazing and she has quite a sense of humor too! hmm ginger beer didn't really remind me of root beer when i drank it. it's not as sweet as regular soda, but it's pretty much ginger flavored soda? haha idk. try it!

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