Sunday, September 7, 2008


so yes, i am sick. i awoke this morning with a cold, & it has escalated into a sore throat, with occasional twingey pains in my head.

but i will soldier on!

i`ve been thinking a lot about tops lately. it occurred to me that i wear a lot of tees & tanks, which is fine, but very basic. i actually started lusting for something flowy the other day, even tho i realized that summer is coming to a close & autumn is on the horizon.

so i did a quick internet search, of flowier tops i would love to own.

the first top, the madame butterfly blouse by french connection (found at is one top that i think i`d like. i can see it dressed up or dressed down. for me, definitely would wear it with my skinny jeans & black cropped blazer, maybe with a belt wound around it. it`s not too voluminous, which can present problems for some.

the second top, the ruffle-neck top from old navy is also a nice choice for me. though not as flowy & airy as the first blouse, it still fits in with what i`m looking for.

these two tops, from urban outfitters, are cute. the kimchi blue sunburst tunic (the first one) is simple but with enough detail to look unique. plus, as per my criteria, it is just flowy enough to pass, but can also look phenom with a belt.

the second, the cotton smock, i somehow envisioned buying a size or two larger than my size, so that it is just a bit longer...then maybe mutilating the bottom with extra garter so it`s flowy everywhere else but the bottom. hm.

i`m still searching, but these are the few that caught my eye the most.

also, as an additional note - the first top, from jezzabelle, is on sale right now. i wish i had the money [DARNED STUDENT BUDGET!] because i would get it. for anyone who is lusting after it as much as me, SoSers have their own discount at jezzabelle - just input coupon code SideOrderofStyle & get ten percent off! how lucky are we? & how unlucky am i that i don`t have money?

hm. sigh.


stay tuned for a very late announcement of tuesday`s theme.

& now, for me to get to bed. darned 8AM classes!


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