Thursday, July 17, 2008

those lazy summer days...

my oh my, look who has returned to the blogosphere. granted, i haven`t been away too long, but did you all miss me? *waiting for a reply* uhm... *crickets*

okay, so i`ve been bad. haven`t been a very prolific blogger, but i chalk that up to the fact that blogging is a lot more fun when it`s used as a distraction from school work. that being said, i can`t really find any good excuse for why i haven`t posted in a while.

my first piece of news is that i found petey (my beloved camera)! this means that i will be able to post something PHOTO-TASTIC!

susie bubble recently posted about bloggers & outfit photos, & i am pretty sure (having joyously flounced about in other blogs, catching up) that i am not the only one who took an interest in that post.

looking back on previous posts in the SOS archives (i say that to make it sound cooler than it is), i will say that we make attempts at backing our pictures up with explanations or thoughts. many of the posts were theme tuesday posts, which ultimately doesn`t need too much explanation, in that we follow themes.

in any case, i try my best to explain how my outfits make me feel or what i liked about them or why i wore them...& i hope i do enough babbling on & on to satisfy everyone. if i don`t, i apologize! i just don`t want to be taken for those people who post a million outfit pictures for the pure vanity of it (though i`m sure there are very few of those that i`ve seen).

okay seriously though - i must tell myself "JAE! ENOUGH WITH THE BABBLE! ON WITH THE GOODS!"

not many photos today, only because i am exhausted & in pain from working out a bit too much yesterday (can we say overdoing it?).

the lighting in my parents` room sucks, so sorry for the bad/blurry pictures...but can see how the button-up top is slightly large for me. i like it a lot. it`s good for days like these when i feel bloated, but still wanna look good.

raising my arms like this HURT! but i wanted to show how the shorts looked without the top covering the majority of it.

with the pink hat, but covering my face. again, i apologize for the blurry photos. but you get the gist. the hat was severely squished & i doubt it`ll ever be the same again, so i scrunched it up further & went for some kinda rumpled thing with it. doubt you can tell.

my paperclip bracelet! this took five seconds to do, & looks terribly awesome. definitely deserves category of "cool thing".

button-up linen shirt: my mom`s, i stole it. probably from the philippines.
white camisole (worn underneath): costa blanca, 3$ (sale!)
grey shorts: walmart, 10$
black flipflops (not pictured): old navy, 7$
pink hat: random dollar store, 3$
paperclip bracelet: from a box of paperclips, bought at dollarama, 1$

i think i really liked this outfit for the summery feel of it. i mean...most people equate a summer outfit to lots of colour, maybe a dress, gladiator sandals, florals, bright prints...but i like to think that it can be something uncomplicated like a white linen top & shorts. plain & simple.
not that i mind bright colours & prints. but just saying...

what`s your take on a perfect summer outfit?

-jae, SOS

PS. this will be the last post made using "side order of style" ; if you look on the right under "who`s serving style as a side?" you`ll see steph, natasha, SOS & jae - after this post, i will be making posts with 'jae', not SOS. :D


bestie said...

haha. cool paperclip bracelet!(:

the perfect summer outfit, hmm.. you're right, it doesn't have to automatically equate to colors and florals and them gladiators.. but personally i do like my prints, and for summer, i say nothing beats a pretty, flowy dress!(:

Kira Fashion said...

so sure, blogging is hard work, but good hard work :)

sometimes we need some time off :)
great you are back,
a kiss!

jae said...

bestie - flowy dresses are always welcome in the heat. especially in the philippines! i remember when i went back there & it was hotter than ever. or maybe my blood is just thicker because of living in canada?

kira - it is a lot of work! but thanks for the welcome back :) i hope i can keep it up!


you are so fun !
i love you !

i hope that my last street style photos will inspire you as much as you are already inspired
be aware : you could fall in love with my last photos

cheers from Paris


roxanne said...

on the other side of things, i love to blog as a distraction from schoolwork, but once i've done it for a certain amount of time.. i have to spend twice as much time catching up.

i'm looking forward to blogging as it comes to me this summer, without having to constantly look over my shoulder for the tidal wave of responsibilities threatening to crash down over my head.

looking forward to more side orders of style!

Fashion Ivy said...

hey join my facebook group. check my sidebar on my blog for a link

jae said...

style & the city - i always seem to fall in love with all the photos :)

roxanne - unfortunately, procrastination is my middle name. that`s why i love blogging during school. but i`m making an effort [again! a renewed effort!] to try keeping the blogging up!

fashion ivy - will do :)

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