Sunday, April 20, 2008

april, a love/hate relationship.

i hate a love/hate relationship with april. actually, with spring in general. if april [& springtime] had a facebook page, my relationship with it would best be described as "it`s complicated with april/springtime".

yes, it does get warmer. & i enjoy that very much, especially after all the wonderfully dreary days where it`s too cold to be bothered to dress super nicely. it`s warm enough to wear shorter clothes, but not necessarily warm enough to abandon the cute, thin sweaters sitting in your wardrobe, waiting for their few weeks to shine.

according to a wonderfully accurate little poem, "april showers bring may flowers". they also bring out the cute little earthworms, mud &, my favourite, funny little spots all over your best pair of shoes.

in april, all the cute little birds come out, singing & flitting around happily. of course, they bring unprecedented amounts of bird crap, which isn`t always fun [actually, it never is...unless you`re me when i was five & i enjoyed watching birds take craps on car windows...]. along with the birds & furry little animals comes ugly, grosstastic bugs. bugs bugs bugs.
we live by a large field, & every single year there are a million spiders that somehow creep into our house. the ants attack. flies & moths abound. there are centipedes everywhere downstairs. the earwigs crawl around everywhere.
it`s gross & scary. especially for the arachnophobic/melissophobic/BUG-A-PHOBIC-in-general-phobic like me.

april means that the NBA playoffs have arrived. & i love the nba. it`s the boyish side of me that comes out & begins to scream at the television wildly. i analyze every move the players make. i groan when we don`t make the shot. i pound the table & argue a referee`s call, even if he cannot hear me & probably wouldn`t listen even if he could.

today, in fact, was the first game for the toronto raptors. they played against the orlando magic, & while they lost pretty badly, i still support them & hope for the best for their next game. it`s best of seven, so i`m not going to lose hope.

in support of my favourite team [which also happens to be the only canadian team, & they`re from my city XD] i wore this today for dance practice...

sorry i look so crappy in these pictures; after dance practice, we played hide-&-seek & manhunt, so i got a little sweatier than i needed to be.

purple t-shirt: forever21, 7$
red tanktop: some random sidewalk sale, 2 or 3$
black, red, white reebok basketball shorts: gift from boyfriend, ?$
white & black adidas superstarIIk`s [not shown]: gift from sister, 90$ [?]

i`m totally a boy when it comes to basketball.
& yes, i do dance. but not very well.

love/hate ;]
-jae, SOS


On Track said...

I am with you completely, I have exactly the same love hate relationship with April. here in Sydney it is hot and cold, rainy and blue skies. Much like my life during April :) It is great to hear I am not alone.

How do you feel about May?

Benedicte said...

I like spring, like it very much.

Annie said...

omg ewww poor you. i couldnt even kill a spider in my apartment the other day.
yea im afraid of them.

Jennifer said...

Hate the April showers, but there haven't been much here in New York and New Jersey, where I go to school.

I bet you're better than me at dancing. All I can do is... well, nothing. Boo!

a side order of style said...

on track - may is...slightly better? but then the bees come out. & it starts getting sticky, humid hot. then that`s not so much fun.

benedicte - spring is long as there are no bugs. :)

annie - yea, i freak out over spiders...i`m a chicken. everyone rolls their eyes at me, but they`re scary! i can kill ants, but spiders? no way.

jennifer - april showers are fine, until the temperature starts climbing & then the showers leave you feeling gross & sticky...& i bet i`m not better than you at dancing! we should have a dance off! come here to toronto :D we can call it that 'all-blog-dance-off'. we`ll both get owned by everyone else.

-jae, SOS

Robo said...

Ah, the joys of real seasons! Southern California just varies between hot, warm, and slightly cool (warm for the rest of the country). Although I must say I'm not jealous of the snow.

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